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I just wanted to share with you how AWESOME you are!! Due to COVID-19, my 2nd grade daughter is being homeschooled (in New Jersey) by yours truly LOL We stumbled upon your YouTube channel and WOW! THANK YOU for giving us another resource to expand her learning! You are so fun to listen to/watch/sing with/learn from, you have an amazing voice, and you have already shared such lovely lessons! We cannot thank you enough for providing this content.


Hi, I just want to reach out and say “thank you!” I had to withdraw my two young daughters (Kindergarten and Second grader) from public school in Massachusetts for their safety during the pandemic (due to underlying health issues in our family.)
I’m homeschooling them and we were so excited to discover your online music lessons; they’ve been a game changer for our family! My older daughter loved music class at school and I was so afraid I wouldn’t be able to replicate a school music class curriculum. Thanks to your classes being accessible on YouTube, I feel like my girls aren’t missing a beat, literally!

-Monique and girls

Mrs. Davis, I am homeschooling my son in Japan and we LOVE you and your happy upbeat ways with song bouquets and great music lessons with movement! Thank you for sharing your awesome talent. Now he wants to play the xylophone - your Halloween classes were perfect 🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡🎃👻🍬